It Ain't My Fault ft Banky W Lyrics

All or Nothing
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



[Chorus: Banky W]
It aint my fault
She’s smiling at me I’m up here
She likes what she sees
It aint my fault
That’s why you're alone windin alone
While I take her home
It aint my fault
Pardon me please why can’t you see
That I’m just a Gee
It aint my fault
No… said it my fault that your chick chose me

Damn I see you doing it big homie
In the club with some fine ass chicks homie
Yeah you poppin bottles of Cris homie
Man these girls got you spending all your chips homie
Ah… you make it rain and make the shorties live
When you scoop them up in your 745
Now you getting big attention for real
When they see you in your car and your mansion on the hill
Rolex on the wrist so reckless with the chicks
Buying diamonds and a gold necklace for this chicks
Wow… it aint trickin’ if you got it
Well I can see you live by that logic
You in VIP blowing all your bucks quick
Slow down before these broads empty out your pocket
Coz your girlfriend triflin’ Bee the whole night she’s eyeing me
Now she wanna slide with me


Wow… you spending money every week night
We call guys like you the BEE type
Girls like you coz you don’t hesitate to ball
And you got money that could stimulate a mall
Yeah we with fly models every day
Bar to bar out five bottles on my way
You in VIP smoking on cigars
But your girlfriend can’t stop scoping up the stars
Yeah see the fly watch something funky on my hand
Man I can’t help it I’m just highly in demand
But your girl sweating me damn this broad’s on my tail
And she can’t help it she feeling me like brail
Now she wanna come and ask for my number cuz
Coz I lay pipe better than a plumber does
Watch you girl don’t get mad at me yo
Its not my fault that she wanna roll with Tido


You blowing money fast yeah you spend a couple of gees
But damn homie you should get your girl on the leash
Lil mama loose she loves to be free
In the club wildin’ out lying out my pee
Tido keep it Gee, you love ‘em I kcuf ‘em
Me I pass them to the homies after I crush ‘em
So come get your girl coz your chick on my grill
You slipped up for real she wanna switch up and chill
With a dude like me, black Chuckaz white tee
Sized up precisely what you call a fly gee
Its not my fault that mommy on T
So easy playboy damn you girl chose me


Yeah we taking it from SA to Naija baby
Ah L-Tido… hey yo Banky W I see you
Ah … yeah