Inthrow Lyrics

Khut en Joyn
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Khut en Joyn yes yes
The long awaited album is finally here
2002 year of the Skwatta…
Sello aka Nemesis coming directly
Friend of my friend enemy of my enemy strictly
Loving Hip hop so much only the grave can stop me
Khut en Joyn they bang shit guaranteed
You wanna talk behind my back
You can’t even say my name, forget it your whack
Plus your damn lame when it comes to beats and rhymes
You won’t be singing that survivor song
Quit writing lyrics metaphors write a letter to your girlfriend
Infa aka Beethoven, lets go(echo)
Skwatta Kamp is local Hip hop
Support local Hip hop you support Skwatta Kamp
Now what we need to is find our own identities
Make sure that people realize we can relate to what they're saying
So then people can listen then we can start selling records
Then we'll find what local Hip hop is
[Initial M]
Khut en Joyn the album banging like tags and ‘elem keys
Rhymes like crowbars and anti-hijacks
The tapes are bootlegs and now @#*$ having six from all shacks
Mission of the syllable Khut en Joyn aspect
Boss the main man who lacked respect
I'm crazy like a DJ spinning vinyl’s over tape decks
You can’t relate move away till you safe
Nkosana Bin Laden is in the house like side plates
[Fantum Slick]
Skwatta Kamp, much love to those who didn't wish the worst
But anyway to the haters, we just gonna entertain y'all a little bit, you know
We know what you saying about us, that we have a studio
We don't have time to mingle with this other rappers
Eintlek grand-grand siyaz’bona siziyenza ama celebrity-nyana
Mfana you know the truth, you know us well mfana
You know where we've been so watch what you say
We never masturbate the with the little we have
You know, we suffered (we suffered) and we struggled (and we struggled)
And we failed (and we failed) and we achieved (and we achieved)
Being respected(being respected)disrespected(disrespected)
Took the risks (took the risk) lived and failed (lived and failed)
Been undermined(been undermined) basically (basically)
To put it in a nutshell we lived and we still living
Now that’s what I call consciousness
Worship your own belief like it’s a religion (amen)
Now can I get an amen to that (amen)
If not just get Khut en Joyn
Khut en Joyn… Khut en Joyn… Khut en Joyn
Forget it Slick
Nkuli, Sta-Bumba, Flabba, keo taba
Alex, Rathanda, Leodale, ke seo Skwatta
Khut en joyn the Album, skills we got em
Chicks I muff y'all haters fuck y'all

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