Inspiration ft Brian Temba Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Verse 1
I grew up an underachiever/ and everybody was a none-believer/ never believing I would grow up to be someone either/ even some of my previous teachers/ never took one serious/ said I was mischievous/ dumb and devious/ but deep down there was a genius/ just needed someone to be lenient/ and not think of me as an inconvenience/ just because there were concepts I couldn’t grasp immediate/ I spent the last periods/ being the class comedian/ But as a senior/ I developed a knack for media/ after PT I would mimic all the cats on TV up/ started to rap and write tracks in the cafeteria/ channeling all the life challenges I had experienced/ my theory is/ even though plenty peers/ had doubted him for many years he turned it around an now here he is/ they tried to put doubt and fear in him/ without even hearing him/ I knew deep down I was here to win/
Verse 2
I was kicked out of form 2, they said I didn’t perform too, I was too busy making beats to perform to/ they sent a letter we regret to inform you/ but I got no regrets cause it’s the failures that form you/ I was told to drop science and not to do math/ and right there I got a sign and I knew my path/ from the minute I got signed into the lab/ I literally dropped science so you do the math/ As a laaitie the verb was expelled/ the said it’s unlikely the Verb would excel/ I tried IT word and excel/ and failed, but I give you my word Imma excel/ so no colleges wanted to come near him/ and the problem is that they couldn’t hear him/ till I found my niche Sound Engineering/ I ace it and now I’m here to win/
Verse 3
I grew on to be much better as a student/ Moved on to be a lecturer and a tutor/ got a new job as a technical producer/ proving the few wrong that were skeptic of my future/ I was handed a job by DJ Fresh/ taught me to be hands on like a DJ set/ till this day I thank God that he said yes/ God put your hands on him so he stay blessed/ I save respect for Amu and Outrageous Records/ they gave me the Amu to put out Outrageous Records/ and attention it was big and breaking records/ got you attention and my big break with that record/ Listen to this advice if you can use it/ If I can switch my life than you can do it/ live to fight and you’ll get through it/ and when you idle just dim the lights and cue this music/
We won, even though they said that we’re done/said regrets we’ve got none/knowing our day will come/will come.
We won, they cut off our feet but we run/ towards the shine like the sun/said our day will come, will come/

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