Impossible Lyrics

The Soil
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Impossible endathi ngijola nawe, it would be something
When I see you everyday, wish for us to do the right thing. Will it be the the right thing? Please my love say something, this feeling's the right thing that can lead us to anything.
'Cause I was hoping with all my time to sit down with you or maybe stand up and dance. And we can say what we say today on our own babe, own babe, it's possible.
I want you to stay with me, come stay with me. My love you save all this place for me. Stay right into my arms and you will see, you will see a place. And I was feeling so happy I was feeling glad, the type of love that just makes me sad. When I think about you today...
Impossible [x3]
But now I know it's possible, possible, possible. And so I wrote you this song, this song, this song to prove my love to me that we are meant to be. [x3]
First of all I'd like to say I really really love you girl and second of all I'd like to say I'm really really sorry
'Cause I was all in your face, I never thought that I was. I was invading your space, so I'm sorry
But I have to tell you this, that you are the one that made me do this. Tears just fall and my heart is very sore
So would you do me a favour just say yes to me I know it's hard but it's possible.

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