iJusi Lyrics

Holy Oxygen EP
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Future mfana
Special edition
Smart mampara
Ijusi Koolkat with the goodies
Yo I spray like iUzi
And I shoot it like iMovie (iKat ilimnyama)
Yo I short it like iMovie (iKat ilimnyama)
Ijusi x2) (Ishu, ishu)

[Verse 1]
The magic that i fas change 1 change 2
Any emcee o bhekana nam' uthulu' lu u2
Mang bamb' iMic unkulunkulu uphumulusulu
Hai ingoma kwiza bathi uksukumu uskulu
Uzophenduk' isphkuphuku

Catastrophic like Sandy and Katrina
Ye I'm fucking up the Richter
Cancer to your speakers
Xathi ngiya sabisa
Kanti ngozobashisa
Tryna cop my sneakers
Burn it to your ether
Conundrum to your teachers
uFuture Mfana ingkinga
Isilima (Isilima) x 2

Hey bomb digiddy
I'm here to drop prophecies
I'm from poverty
So I'm chasing currencies
My poetry grew me a money tree
Look at me
Now I'm splashing in these foreign seas
I'm talking Sead Seas College fees
This is 20/20 A Space Oddysee
Parking in a garden full of Clock Work Oranges
Diamond in the garbage
My shine is infinite
I never ever tarnish (Ishu)
Never, ever, never ever tarnish
Yo lalela
I sleep on iPods,
My bad, iPad
iPhone, I trip
I talk I walk
uVan Damme in Cyborg
I Corg monotron
I Tron, Megatron
In a lil' Rapper Don
I n I marathon
Any beat I'm jumping on
Smart I dumb it down
Best flow hands down
Ye I throw a thousand pounds
Fresh cream..???
You like it when I harmonise
Ha Monate (hmmm)
Ha Monate (hmmm)
Ha Monate (hmmm)
Hamba nathi (hmmm)
Coming with?
Form a line
Number 10, number 9
Ntombazan' is such a dime
Recognise sexy time
Party time all the time (Lalela)
Time after time
Same loop Cyndi Lauper
Snake in the grass
I'm a spitting cobra
I'm on the phone with Rei Kawakubo
So calm the fuck down
Boss talk no Hugo
Center of the earth
Mind is on Pluto
Toungue-Fu master
Siegel no Judo
Swagger so Sumo
Playboy Uno
Nombolo Uno
I'm way beyond Uno
I'm running
Nike Gyakusou
I'm eating Sushi, Usu no Puthu
My hat is from Lesotho
My bloodline is Zulu
Star sign is Leopard
My spirit is Kudu
I'm magic
And these words ??? you
uMalumKoolKat (Uzofa)
Sok' abuser

Bathi wena wezulu
uSmart Mampara
Unduna enkulu
Nah he's kinda cool though
Hliphiza ezompilo
Hliphiza ngob' ciko

Merlin umlingo
Paraffin umlilo
Prima stove umsindo (umsindo)
Bathi Prima stove umsindo

Chinua Achebe
Things Fall Apart
Follow me like Shembe
Put me in your heart
Walk through waters
And I promise they will part
Take it to the start
I'm a work of art
basquiat basquiat
Crown me a champion

Zulu mythology
Kingship no apology
Shaka with technology
Your mind is my colony