I want you lyrics

Blow Your Mind
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Yo LB, let's run this joint
Once again y'all
It's L.B. and O.B.
Verse 1
Take off all your clothes andyour sexy coat
Leave it on the back seat as we going out ...boots, .... round your dress
Make you look sexy, ma, we going out
I see you babe
Riding my spotlight
Come over babe
Come dance with me tonight
I want you (I want you right now)
Need you (I need you right now)
Can't go without you girl (without you girl)
Verse 2
Gonna be a while
Staring at your smile
We can be perfect when we out tonight
Don't worry about a thing
Got the master plan
Gonna rock you crazy when we back tonight
  Repeat Hook
Repeat Chorus 2x
I know you want to say you do
And I can't go on
And though strangers said to me
To keep you on your own
Repeat Chorus 2x
Verse 3
Wearing an expensive dress that no one would buy
Cuz if we rich,
Baby, the way you catching eyes when you driving
When we hit the limelight, no compromise
Baby tonight you ain't no princess
You a queencess
I think it's a Mr and Mrs, oh my goodness
I am your ...
....be your princess
We can spend dough like we ain't got no bills left
Baby, tonight is the night and
I feel alright
I've got my lady and my dough stacks is right
Tonight is love and peace, me and my wife
The only thing i look forward to is the end of the night


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