I tried Lyrics

BluMurda Mixtape
Hip Hop



I tried so many times
When lights go out
I tried… I tried… I tried… I tried
Look… if I die it’ll be for glory not for gold
Put my name on the map said it before
It’s man versus machine the dark against the light
Stand firm king supreme I can’t die tonight
Yes the flow butter and butter makes cream
Dr. King aint the only nigga with a dream
Just to sleep wipe the sweat from my face
You see evil’s around me it’s tempting me to chase cheese
Lord give me strength you know I try hard
I aint got nothing left that’s why I ride bars
Picture paradise drizzle like a rain storm
Violence is a bitch it’s too quick to get your brains blown
Mind over matter is still the same song
Same nigga still maneuver like I’m James Bond
Triple stacks in the stash box face warm
Dribble past competition scribble on the page form
[Chorus] X2
You know I try hard I never stop to
But it’s never enough so tell me what to do
Should I sell my soul or just let it ride
Should I stand firm or say goodbye
I’m a beast listen see my dreams glistening
Got my city on my back coz I speak freedom
Praise be to God Christ I’mo keep living
A righteous life never mind all the slick dissing
Though my scrotum still calling me to lay pipe
Stay right pray Christ protect me from the fake life
Hit the stage lights as I stand behind the mic
Priceless the feeling that you get when you let it ride
Flow like a waterfall foes I’ll slaughter y’all
Watch the demon coming out it’s something like an altar call
When the dark come I’m saved by the candle light
Let me spark something deadly like a rattle bite
I try hard not to stress but the bar stool
Serve to be my therapist music you spark to
Yes I rather die than have not
Beg the Lord take me to heaven coz I done had enough
It’s BluMurda bitch yah
Ah… shout out to All Sparks for the beat
It’s incredible… I appreciate it
Ah man we over here 24 hours 365
Everyday doing the same thing working hard man
But they still overlook us… I don’t understand it
Nah… for real I really don’t understand it
But I’m out man…it’s alright though
We gon’ keep doing it