I made it Lyrics

Heads and Tales
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Yeah P.R.O Beatmaker and we making it
Yeah let me talk to you though
You know on a serious note
If you out there trying to make it
Trust me ntwana it’s possible, I’ve been there
Okay let me take you back, way back, way back
Right before this whole rap begin
Let me give you a trace of where it started, the facts within
I was born in the circles of hardship and poverty
Ghetto essence survival is the philosophy
My atmosphere was rob and steal
Hang around crazy dudes who would mob and kill
Popping pills getting ready to cock and still
Murderous ill the chase from the cops is real
But never close to getting locked up and go to prison
So what’s the reason peer pressure was fucking with the vision
Making crucial decisions coz they had to make a living
Killing innocent children was never part of my vision
So I had a choice, remember you have a voice
That’s need to be heard forget a gun it’s better noise
Educated the hard way fuck it it’s bitter choice
My own blood sweat and tears but I rejoice
[Chorus] X 2
Said I wouldn’t make it
Said I couldn’t take it
But I made it I made it
What is it really worth if I hit you with a verse
Do you understand the pain of hunger till your stomach hurts
I’m not the first, but fuck I’ve been through worse
Forbidden church, reason for living was like a curse
Mom’s kept stressing, I’m one with depression
Forgetting the creator but his arm kept stretching
I’m gone to these sessions, what’s wrong it’s the question
That was the hardest lesson that ever came as a blessing
Finish high school find me a part time job
Holding boxes on my shoulder was a hard time dog
When lifetime called I had to write a hard rhyme dog
I had to starve coz now I had a right type job
What’s the moral, sit back and get to learn
All this shit that you go through that makes you burn
Makes you earn, a bigger price wait your turn
My great concern is that you keep your faith in firm
[Chorus] X 2
See with men half the time pissed so I rapper like a killer
Making metaphors doesn’t change the fact that is realer
Rush a brother over something that could make you iller
Still I, wonder why that vibe was happy killing
Living with that sad memory that breaks ours hearts
But it’s all good we move on and play our parts
Though we made him a victim of true love and trust
If true love is lust, then true love we must
Stay together in our prayers and not forgetting my fam
All the hardships we shared when we had no plan
Never forgetting the ones who got stuck in my jam
Forever living in my heart you make me who I am
Said I wouldn’t make it
Said I couldn’t take it
To next level but I’m here now
It’s been blood sweat and tears
That I shed through all these years
I stand my ground be profound
I hold it dowwwwwwwwwwwn
[Chorus] X 4 with lip variations
Yeah all I’m saying is
Everything is possible, you know
Just leave out your world for a second
Observe what’s going on
Stay safe be careful you know
And let’s do this again some time you know
Let you know what going on, on the real
It’s P.R.O, Beatmaker, Ms. Diamonds yo!