I’ll be your Everything ft Maggz, Morale & L-Tido Lyrics

Busy Grindin’
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



[Chorus] X2
I’ll be your everything
I’ll be yo… I’ll be your part time baby
I’ll be your everything
Wasup little brother ntwana how you holding up
I know we fight sometimes that’s part of growing up
But never doubt the love that I got for you
Ntwana I’mo rock for you, with beef and knocks for you
Get them drops for you never holding back
Coz I got so much love and I’mo show you that
Our bond is intact beyond the soul infact
Beyond the glitter and the flicker of golden cheques
So you rest assured no matter what in test you score
I’ll never stress you more
No, I’ll rather cry than see pain in your eyes
Yeah I’d rather die than be lame in your eyes
[Sean Pages]
I’m sorry I was never there
I remember when uncle use to call us the better pair
When big brother use to lace me with better gear
So when they boy got locked I was in hella tears
Felt useless like a ???? but the truth is world is near
Shit and never fear that’s what you use to tell me
Like you’ll be right back twenty seven years
And you went right back why black
And Freddy telling me you will make my spot crack
You know me I was like try that
You raised me oh my second dad big brother
I love you to death your angel your soldier
I’m back I’m older
Show a little love forfeit the triple heart
Phone call sprinkle love
Thinking of you ridiculous
Far from home survive miraculous
In house thick as blood
Daddy told me to knuckle up out there there’s little love
Innocent but so deligent
Got in the music biz and everybody thought who was this
Your blood is the author
A father who fathered his son and daughter
A mom who released his son from court an order
Shit her life was much colder…
Dear mama must have thought your son is a fool
Kicked out coz they said I brought guns to school
Was a member of a gang I sold drugs to the students
They betrayed me its fucked up nothing but a nuisance
But you never turned your back you were true rose
Dad wasn’t around so you played two roles
You were struggling but always bought me new clothes
You took me to the best schools cop me some fresh jewels
I’ll take a bullet for you even clap tools
Yeah man that’s real talk
Personal shit straight from the heart
Yeah man just vibe with us
Let’s go…