Hit ‘em with a Bottle Remix ft The All Stars Lyrics

10 Seconds To Showtime
Hip Hop



Hey yo… what’s good baby (Remix!)
My name is Showtime Blaklez (Remix!)
I got the All Stars with me
All y’all other rappers
Tuck your singles in between your butt chicks
Coz… this is the remix
She a drama baby, lames wanna holla baby
If you pull stunts she say
Hit ‘em with a bottle baby
Get the bottle baby… get the bottle baby
Get the bottle baby
Hit ‘em with the bottle baby
Aha… yo Blaklez I got you
It’s your boy L-Tido
JHB don sipping Don Perion
Stay chasing digits ‘til my figures is a milli’ strong
Was suppose to win awards damn I’ve been on fire kid
But the Hype Awards cheated like Tiger did
Man these niggaz couldn’t beat me on their best day
When it comes to laying bars no Nestle
These lames act hard but I know they ask K
Man I can see through these niggaz… X-Ray
Coco loco hit ‘em with the slow flow
You so so with no dough the mami is a no go
Polo’s Manolo’s she bagging them like low so
I’m porro girls go papi chuta oh oh
She a drama mama she call me a drama poppa
Don’t try to holla momma she hit you with a craker black eye
The flow knocks her proper, ‘til he phones a doctor doctor
I’m so chakalaka hot no manga manga
Call me Mr. New Year Mr. Quick to take it there
Dropped a mixtape said it should’ve been an album yeah
Coz what they don’t know they fear
The streets say I’m nice so I don’t believe the Hype
I break wind with mine if you smell me in the air
Blame it on the buzz like Jub Jub’s career
Clumsy with the hits I only drop fire
All Stars we the truth the rest of y’all is liars
I’m in the club all fresh with a mean model
Laying in the cut VIP coz we be suttle
See her man don’t brawl if you need trouble
She don’t waste time lil ma gets a green bottle
And if your boy is a nuisance
He gon’ see guns getting drawn like the blue print
I don’t know why the hell did that dude win
When me and Maggz were the ones should have scooped it
I bees the game homie everything I touch buzzing
But no awards coz the editor is not cousin
But I don’t mind fuck it still I’mo grab my dream
Coz you know I had Hype before the magazine
And still the sack is mean All Star when the Khakhi’s clean
Spliff and got a bag of green ripping with the baddest team
It’s raps Hamilton… still making moves fast
Coz money keep the mind clearer than a new glass
[Sean Pages]
Listen fuck a fist fight, the glass will cut his wrist like
Something like a pissed dike, I’m something that’s just spit right
True religion just reflecting how I’m living right
She looking at me hard and she likes my style
Jane Potter she’s in love with the Mwa’ boys
South Pole pretty boy without low greedy coys
Money this money that I pound jewels easy boy
She never fronts got back and down for it easy boy
She’s built in, yeah she’s got a dumb body
Let these lames holla outclass on the somebody
[Flex Boogie]
She just hit ‘em with a bottle baby
He asked for it he a lame he was acting crazy
I like a drama mama who holla and pray it proper
Who like a nigga swagger I smash and I grab a lotta
Have her speaking in tongues taking a double breather
She’s got you dudes trying to holla but you’ll never reach her
Want jy is a laaitie my kid
You need to chilla she a dime piece ene o tlo go tima