Hey There Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



I woke up feeling a little sad
Cause my whole neighbourhood is hungry
Maybe that's why I walk around with a chip on my shoulder
Right, got me fiending for that real, hip hop
Fiending for the that real

[Verse 1]
He a bright young man, just became a teenager
Always out to help, a real team player
Even though he ain't never ever made the team, player
Ba ne ba mmitsa stuurboy, his fellow team players
He lived his life with no father figure
Started looking for advice in them other niggas
Raised by the streets, learned to trade by the week
He was no ball player but he played by the week
'Cause he hung with the wrong niggas
To prove he's hard, started picking on them strong niggas
Pull out a gat like WHAT! Let's get it on nigga
Three through his chest like pha pha
He's on the floor nigga, he's on the floor, damn
Now the kid in him coming out
Shot Kevin in his heart(Hart) nothing funny now
They didn't wanna kill him, they just wanted to thrill him
Now he's sleeping in this cold ass building
And I say..

Hey there, what is wrong with you
I see the tears in your eyes, can I mourn with you
Maybe I can talk with you, take a walk with you
Let me bring you a little light towards the dark for you
I say hey there

[Verse 2]
She a bright young lady she doing her first year
She used to quote the bible during her church years
She got a bursary that put her through school
But they don't afford her all the clothes that are cool
She changed her life if you meet her
Her momma used to scream at her and daddy used to beat her
And all I wanna do is write verses that will free her
'Cause she tried to tell her mom
But momma didn't believe her
So she out here, looking for someone to love her
But all guys wanna do is f*** her
Now is that truly your worth
I'm really sorry to say this but baby beauty's a curse
Good guys do exist, I know you never had one
You go for guys who are exactly how your dad was
Get a better aim
You go for guys who think monogamy is just another
'nother rapper's name


I wont judge you
Sometimes you're the victim and the problem
I mean the problem and the victim
It gets confusing
But you can talk about it