Goodbye Lyrics

This one’s for you
Cashtime baby…

[Verse 1: Da Kid X]
You been a blessing ever since o tsena botshelong bame
And I know it’s been dibekenyana re sa kopane
Look… it’s not by choice ke spane
God knows I’m hoping you stick by me
Coz daai ding ke e chunela ma
Buy all the fly things all that you ever want
I’ll see you in a month wena shugela wami
Coz when I’m lying in the bed alone it’s you that I want
So atomela ke o tshware ka marama
Ha ke kena o lebale ka mathata
Oh… I think I’m dreaming again
When I come home I don’t think I’ll be leaving again

Baby this is all a dream
I wish you were here when I opened my eyes
You’re a part of me
I think about you every day and night
We had a good time
Yeah we had a good time
See you on the flip side
Goodbye… goodbye

[Verse 2: Smashis]
Ma you know your baby boy has grown up
Iskhathi soku bhekana ne skolo nje and own up
So I… ah this is goodbye
Eish ak’sena muntu who will kiss me good night
You raised a good guy… now that I can promise you
I’ll stay away from the girls that I promised to
For real ma… mus’uk’hleka
Bheka sengiyahamba ene bengaka fundi uk’pheka
Eish I don’t wanna go I don’t want
Ene e-Varsi ubani ozongisiza nge-home work
I’ll let you know first… day mangifika
I’ll call you every day so you can know mangiphila
Can’t believe I was rushing to be grown
Bheka manje I don’t even have the hearts to leave home
Damn… but anyway mama I gotta pack up
Down to the city ngizofouna when I come back up


[Verse 3 : ABCrazy]
Yeah Pinky and The Brain trying to take over the world
As we rock the same clothes trying to hit the same girls
You always believed in me told me that it’s destiny
I don’t know what went wrong, all I know is you aint here with me
Mpinji yami we miss you no doubt
And all the friends you chose to roll with where are they now
Mina I’m ABCrazy mixtape king I’m in the game
You are my best friend ‘til we meet again
Sitting here thinking what’s next
Homie I’m on my grind I’m trying to be the best
Skeem sami I never got a chance to say goodbye
We miss ‘em when they gone … I’ll celebrate your life
Put your glasses up high…


I think about you every day and night
Yeah we had a good time
Goodbye … goodbye