Gonna Make It On My Own Lyrics

Swimming In The Soul Of Music
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I never was your ordinary lover
I'd never hurt you and just walk away
And though you came to me when I was under
Our lives began to move in separate ways
I never thought out love would last forever but I never wanted things to end this way
And now I lie here cold and alone
Nobody's home
I know I'll make it on my own

It'll turn out right for me baby
Gonna make it on my own
Start a brand new life without you baby
Never gonna be alone
It's not a fantasy I'm free baby
And the live we had is gone
Possibilities out there baby
Gonna make it on my own

Whatever you have left me I'll remember
And loving you was not a waste of time
I know that sometimes I was too short tempered
But never did you speak your heart and mind to me
And no I never said it would be easy without you
But I will never put my life on hold again
I may be lying cold and alone
And you may have someone
I know I'll make it on my own


You said I'm not the kind of man you need
Well maybe you need someone who just agrees
You said I put the music over you
Well I guess it must be true
It makes it easier for me
And this song I write for you
Is all I new to set me free


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