Going Through A Change (Remix) Lyrics

God'zFavourite & Assassin Agent
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



I'm going through change, I'm going through change

I gotta work everyday
This is what I love most
I will have to rap because my raps make me feel great
Have to make it do it great
Man, am The Registrate
I'm a bad slaving sly feeling rain when am blind and bleeding states
Am the black man
Am rapping for the shit that I wanna change now
Marshall Mathers made the song
Five times to that ship
He did it for the rappers those who have been tried to be slanged
Everybody has been shouting
Everybody hasn't been his call in
Mahasi has been rapping cause I rap everyday
If I have to change these rappers they will fuse and talk about my date
I'mmer M have the way
I will trynna chance the lane
I will have to go and see myself in L.A
Am doing so right
The rest of my team has been calling me F The Greatest
I am The Greatest
You listening to my verses right now am a puzzle
I gotta change my self-cause


[VERSE: 2 A4]
Uh this is it
I'm going through changes
Everytime I think about it that's a real changes yeah
You busy calling me y'all
I don't wanna go to dinner, I'm now food
Never call me fool
I'm going lotta changes,
I'mmer say it, I'mmer say it again
I'm going through changes
Hey I hope you heard that
Even though lot of rappers going against me
I ain't go against them
I'm going changes, even though am puttinf in rappers in a row
I'm real am the realist
Call me Realistic
Why you wanna go, why you wanna flow?
I'mmer tell you thing that you never ever wrote
I'm in a row, am in a co
I'm in a co, Khu can call me Nichole


I rap my verse everyday, in the morning
Cause when I rap anyday, makes me feel like I can't drop the best verses anyday
Now am doing so great, this to dise rappers than split when smiling bate
Now I will have to smile the date
Now I will have to change myself cause the shit that am doing pressure makes me feeling that am bad
Now I wanna be a good man for this greatest reason before this sleepers split them medicine to fantasy
This feels so goddamn good, this rappers has been calling me the greatest rapper like am dying nerves
Now I will have to die in me, now am best best little nigga you hating what am doing
I ain't even care cause I have to change that selfish
That this rappers wanna do with self esteem
I've been to that shit when I trounce to this slim
They gotta crook and improve or changes makes me feel like am gonna change different shit that my feeling
My back against the wall
I gotta say

[VERSE: 4 A4]
You better understand what am going through right now
I know you busy acting like you ain't even know
You gotta learn how to do that
Am in a pain right now, even though when I pull
But I used to tell you that am in a pain that you never had
And I used to tell you that am going lot of changes
But my heart is beating faster
I don't know what's wrong
Now I gotta see doc in anytime
I gotta make an AP and I gotta make it ASAP
You know
Girl am going through changes and you know that
Why don't you learn, learn how to be a...
Be a good girl
Yeah am going through changes
How many should I tell you that?
Girl be a wise
Be a wise person
I'mmer tell you lot of things, lot of things right now
Check your time right now
I know you good right now
I know you grown right now
You look like a woman but you're still pre-mature


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