Girl I Want 2 Eat U Lyrics

You look nice
Trust us
You look good enough to eat girl
You're making me hard
Ninja jump on the mic and set your panties on fire
I've got a bunch of girlies i can eat up whenever
They're wild and they're sexy and they're cute and they're clever
They gimme all their love and affection yeah but they never
Give me fucking shit cause i'm nice like that
I'm gonna sip my champagne with vagina (Yuh)
I'm gonna be sticky like a slimer (Yuh)
I'm gonna eat you baby i'm a tiger
Smells like fish, tastes like chicken!
I want 2 eat u
I'm a happy little chef, cooking up a storm
A happy little naked chef i cook with nothing on
Uh, word to your mum, cooking is the bomb
Nothing like a nice warm cookie in your palm
Feelin' how i feel about you
So ouchie papa i just wanna be around you
You know how I feel about you
I really, really, really, really like you
Rawwwwwwwwwwr! Hear me roar!
Mamma the fucks? legs is so incredible
White girl, black girl
Skinny girl, fat girl, YUH
What a lot of vagina baby give me more
Mushy, tushy, gushy, bushy, smells like sushi
Lickity-spit, peanut butter she know what i want
Check it baby if you wanna be my number one
Let me know your future plans
Ooooh boy i know you love me
I also know you're crazy and you wanna be free
And i know you care about me and you feel for me
Plus I know you for really would kill for me
Baby, it's a rockin' and roll
And you're sweet i really like it that you're fokken hardcore
God bless you papa you a dream come true
That's why i really, really, really, really love you
Girls like to mic check my M.I.C
I have big old sucky fucky for me
Panties hit me in the face like wicked
Smells like fish, TASTES LIKE CHICKEN!
Cooking is so fun
Cooking is so fun
Now we start to take a break and see what we have done
Ah, it's ready
Wait a minute, what we're doing isn't cooking at all