Galileo Lyrics

Mlazi Milano
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



This one shows you pose threat to this one
This one will make that one into [? numb]
Future mfana
Zulu computer

[Verse 1 - Okmalumkoolkat]
Milano it's nice to meet you
Has the sauce, ngish' i-juice
Heh uphush' isintu
Japanese isintu
Future mfana umlingo
Cancer to your speaker
Leaping like a leopard
Faster than a cheater
Blacker than a panther
Majestic like a tiger
Milano is a Leo
Nje ngo Galileo
Milano yis'mangaliso (hahaha)
Milano yis'mangaliso!

Diamons, Gold, Amber, Jazzman
Hop onto my carpet, baby I'm Aladdin
I can show you the world
I'm Peabo Bryson
Licence to kill a mocking bird with my iris
I'm shambok, wireless, I am Micheal Jackson
Moonwalk, smashing the freshest [?leg] snappers
Ashes to ashes to all the camera flashes
Oh snap, his fashion, the combos are on acid

[Verse 2]
Swanking, dazeling
Dancing non stop
Low top, fade
Brush cut, chiskop
2Bop t-shirt
Cats yeah I choreograph
OMG, oh my gosh
Sick like pornograph
I know but sometimes I'm off but my swagger never off
Fuck off, on and off
Chicken dust imnandi i-sauce
Mmm, imnandi i-sauce
UFO, flying saucer
Mastermind, ukhand' i-sauce
This is rap, [?]
This is rap [?]


[Continuation of Verse 2]
I am silver fox, riding on a silver horse
I am Chuck Norris, kwi-Delta Force
Running through the forest like Forest, in my Forest Gumps
Met a bumble bubble gum, shit u-MacGyver

Special edition
Ntswembu kakhulu, ntswemb, ntswemb, ntswembu
Future mfana
I told you cats I can rap better than you (ha top shop)
Probably wrote that like 10 years ago
Nah you a problem my boy, Mlazi Milano
Shambok wireless, world wide
Future mfana, Sky walker Anakin
International Pantsula (across the univers hawe ma)
Or you can just call me uMalume (Your uncle)