Forrest Guap ft SimmySimmyNya & Summertime Cane Lyrics

Gvng Tapes
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



[Hook: SimmySimmyNya]
Chasing out the paper call me forest guap (x2)
First you get the money then you call the shots
Hustle on the corner 'til you own the block
Forest guap, forest guap
First you get the money then you call the shots
Hustle on the corner 'til I own the block
Chasing out the paper call me forest guap

[Verse 1: Ginger Trill]
Birds get fly for the Bread in the township
If I made a hunnid, would the feds know about it
Shorty putting money on her head, that's a bounty
And they had a youngin on the meds off the counter
Been a real nigga from the get, my accountant
Make sure I don't miss a single payment or allowance
All I know is take care of the fam so I count chips
Rhyme 'til I pass out, get up and I'm out here
Broccoli for breakfast, this shit is monopoly
My Portugese connects speak very fluent Guapanese
This marijuana keep me lowkey, mami popping E
Net for the thrill, no Netflix and chill
Dressed for the kill, got my ex chick in the feels
I might bring my next chick to the vill
I be making money off of text messages you feel
The best kept secret, I'm your best bet, you best bet
Forest I just go I don't get set
Next next, I don't ever get rest
All I know is get money stay fresh
Foreign on the low when I jet set
And my last move is way better than your next step

[Hook: SimmySimmyNya]

[Verse 2: Summertime Cane]
Young Cane running back, I don't even run in fact
Diddy bopping, money dance
I could do a hunnid laps
Swag screaming catchup, the sauce make me run it back
Niggas took my shole style, I don't even want it back
Moving onto better shit, okay now we settling
Money you could never spend, hunnies you could never get
Trill about to let them in, tell me where the hell you been
Just to keep it Frank, man I'm all about my Benjamins
She see how the boy live, she just wanna tell her friend
Twerking for the Snap Chat, baby make it bend again
Summertime the hash tag, I might even start a trend
Raps on my speed dial, I might let the starter in
Bitches love a sexy chubby nigga
And it's pretty ugly how they figure
With a little money they could get above me
Not ever, got chips for a rainy day
And for the jot weather I can make it rain Summertime

[Hook: SimmySimmyNya]