Fight Every Fight Lyrics

Coming of Age
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



It's my turn

Yeah I guess we done came a long from writing raps in class before it was cool
That led to late night's that turned to early mornings in the studio slaving
It feels like...
Feels like this is the moment I've been fighting for my whole life
And at some point it felt like I was losing the fight
You know, my ears were ringing, my knees were weak and the punches had me days
But, right before I hit the mat.
I got saved by the bell
Growing up I was told
Good enough is never good enough
So I relayed on my word to keep fighting and do better than I did the last time
I was told to fight every fight
Not necessarily to win or lose
But to learn something new each time
Right now I'm at the point of my life
Where I ask myself
What defines a man
And I don't have it all figured out
But, my search for answers is what makes the story
The story of change
Moments of shame
The story of loss
And the story of game
Welcome to my life.
And my Coming Of Age

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