Everything You Need ft Mr. Selwyn, Tdo & Teepee Lyrics


The Principal
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Once again… Soweto in the house
Another Amunishin production … one
… girl I got it… girl I got it… girl I got it
Girl I got it…
You got me you got me
Honey dip, you got me jumping like Kriss Kross
Looking funny like a dark chick with lip gloss
Askies boss, supreme like Diana Ross
You got a brother hustling everyday like Rick Ross
You the bread to my kota, the whiskey to my lobola
The one ozongithola mangasilayiza nge-dollar
Yes the one who clears some banks
Who represent for you out to get you thangz
Jimmy Choo’s Gucci bags and shiny things
You little devil got you Prada and some diamond rings
You the lane in my fast life, the end of my past life
The one who gives me scripts to act right
I’ll move mountains for you to get the view the right
Even with a whack ride you make me feel like Michael Knight
Serenade and elevate your mind then I’m out
And come back in a minute to eliminate the doubt
[Chorus Teepee]
Every little thing you need girl I got it
[Amu] Amunishin’s the one forget the other brothers
Every little thing you need girl I got it
[Tdo] ???????????????????????????
Every little thing you need girl I got it
[Mr. Selwyn] Sejabana Selwyn you know I got to
Every little thing you need girl I got it
Aha… aha… baba lona kubuz’, k’dala ngipatala ama-dues
K’dala ngiphanda lama moves, couple of clues ngacala e-Q’s
Ngibasa ngama flows ngibathus’ baba ama-news
Couple of dudes bahlala babuz’
Why laba bahlala bajampa ama-ques, abapatali ngani
It’s S.E.L.W.Y.N
You can tell who I am when I’m rhyming
I got a big bone big enough to bang on your belly
With better body bangers than a ballerina
Ngik’pholise ubuso mababy bazobona ubuhle balebubezi elidli uguluva
Baby laba bayeke bazo bhampa
Buzy ???button booth??? Coz ngala ma-beeper
Batlogele baby bafana ba never ba hlalefe
Ba bone boboko ba re ka fe……
[Mr. Selwyn]
Girls love me…
Hey yo Charlie chubby munch like a Chelsea bun
Charlie abantwana ba chubby ngami abasali ngani
Bakhuluma ngobu crocodile bami
Bathi iskhokho daai ntwana ikhiph’ inombolo kay’ one
If you got beef see I got it
Nine millimetre beretta
Ngiya bangena ngiyashelela mabebeza wena fesha
Shelela nje nge botela makuyehlela ma’
The ??????? will take much for me
To you give you the world you see
I live by the policy
Giving is a part of me
And when you walk down the streets
You move to unknown beat
And let them fools know I’m the one between your sheets
I only want the best for my girl
Nothing less and the best for my girl
She’s the only one that rocks my world
Makes me the happiest man in the world
If it’s a good time you want I got it
If it’s a smile on your face you want I got it
Girl tell me anything you need I got it
[Chorus] ‘til fade