Dubula 2.0 (Remix) ft AKA, JR, Kwesta & Proverb Lyrics

Ventilation Volume 3
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Slikour the ventilator… hoo… VV3 the movie
With the homeboy AKA
With the homeboy JR
With the homeboy Khuli
With the homeboy Kwesta
And of coz the homeboy Proverb
Let’s go…

Shot liquor volatile cocktail sipper
Drop zipper only Zim dollar drop quicker
Toast to the winners Godfather figures
Only way to see my competition is a mirror
They all bitter, blood suckers who never liked me
Say they wanna taste success they better bite me
Ha… mutha fucka we came a long way
Marathon I ran this shit my own pace

Burning out something I won’t allow
Dubula light a fire under lerao la…meeeee
There you go…pleaseeeee
Let it go…heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Tswele mo dilong khutsana ya lekhama ‘til ho lla… mokoko
I talk rude since I got kgoho like… kokoko
I act a fool try not to think with my… ntoto
Signing off (moholo) how you feel (motlotlo)

Ek se kutsa kutsa … ngizoba dubula dubula dubula
Ek se kutsa kutsa … ngizoba khuthuza khuthuza khuthuza
Ek se kutsa kutsa … ngizoba dubula dubula dubula
Ek se kutsa kutsa … ngizoba khuthuza khuthuza khuthuza

All I’m hearing is dubula dubula they taking shots
But they shouldn’t wouldn’t be good enough to take my spot
So I’m pulling up good enough like put ‘em up at the drop
But there’s a twist Slik and Bouga Luv are the cops
Red alert at the precint, and word on the street is
I’m heartless and the charge is murdering this remix
I burnt them at least there, purposefully for your weak game
Guilty as charged now I’m serving this 3-6

Do do dubula do like I do I
????? honey like sugar
Get it J get it ten out of ten
Make a song about squares instead of circles again
Ngizoba dubula dubula dubula (ngani!)
Ngizoba dubula dubula dubula (ngani!)
Ngizoba dubula dubula dubula (ngani!)
Dubula u-cherry nge sbham’ somdogo

Ok mak’ngena mina uyazi kukhona ibozza kuleyondao
Ngihamba ngiphethe ithuna ngoba ‘ngathi kukhona bangifelayo
Khona bas’tshelayo, bloma boy ibozza engenayo
Ngisazoba bridgela ngathi ku ndlula ibola pantsh’ kwenyao
Kholwa bak’tshelayo I am insane
I am a playa when your girl is game
I am hot live Minnie, red dot blaww kill


I got the industry paying homage to a veteran
Higher than a rental car the flow is so heroin
Blowing up like paraffin in informal settlement
Tender I’m never no relation to the president
Seven years later still getting paper
Nou ngikhanda amapapa like a damn caterer
Check my money like Jesus Slikour is a saver
You might follow my path find that I’m a paver
Where I’m from they don’t even know about Al’ Quada
But ask them about Slikour the ventilator
They’ll probably tell you my terrorist miss al greater
You know what time it is my watch is stuck on 9-11
It will end up ugly like Ghetto Ruff and Zola 7
So rather fear my drive who gives a fuck what I’m driving
And when the drop top stop screening me inside
I bonded to success like is just a group I finance

This is where you duck down mutha fucka!!