Dubane Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



We on the rise (x10)

Mase phil’edubane (where you live, tell me where you live)
We chill, we drink, we go out
Just chill in our vibe (where you live, tell me where you live)
Mase ngflontja nge’intwana zam
Ng’phet icool time (what you drinking man, tell me what you drinking man)
That thing be really real nice
We bout to go out (going out, bring your sippy going out)
Living in dubane
Everyday is like a summer day
Hey hey

[Verse 1]
Welcome to Dubane
Pockets fat ntwana ngi phet isloghane
Asi hlugane
Catch us together party igroova’ney
Intwana zase ethekwini zi pump’ijukane
My burbs nice and we rollin’
To that east coast we toasting
Ocean views instagram posting
M.I.A nah we sun coasting uh
The hottest chicks that’s no lie
Shisa nyama out of umlazi
Bottles blue life in the sky
We got y’all racing Durban July yes
This shit is fresh
Ntwana we spreading summer days
That’s coz we blessed
Baba sun shine no cloudy days
We poppin’ chemmy and celebration we lust for grammys
Nghati baya saba in winter ntwana
Si jaga ama sama
Living life
They loving the way we doing it right
No sleeping
We freaking tonight
Like Edison bringing the light
Bhazi buza si phuma phi
What more can I say
Welcome to Dubane


[Verse 2]
Wildin’ with my villains
DreamTeam yeah we chillin’
5 days deep and we been chasing after millions
Ntwana can you feel me
We shot a vid and killed it
And lama ntombazane seem to love it when we’re with them
That’s brilliant
First nghi vhal' incosi ngi ngus' isingle
Then later si bamb’ ukshisa kush and hubbly while we grillin’
Uh awesome trontja come around us and it’s different
Red bull remi cases
Patrone shots we sippin’ we drinking
Ill and they ain’t living like the team is
Clique of khanyisile
Jenge langa we’ll be scheming
We fresh in
Just the 3 of us while we were dreaming
And now the front row is all ladies and they screaming
Dream Team dubane liyaz
Who got the city buzzing
The same guys bout to club it out and leave it stunting
Sho and that’s a shout out to my city
Vele le’intwana always with me


[Verse 3]
Who are we
Team with a dream chasing new money
Anghiti thulani
Coz you fake and you hate while we do our thing
We party, hot tracks
Top 10 on Gagasi
Now we out n about
Pushing this sound all around in the streets of mzanzi
Now we on your speakers
Ntwana zi’inkinya
Automatic with the deal godwa li game uzo ishintja
Fresh entlek
Walking like asap face facts, dash, utrey, usez
Stay blessed and yes best believe we up next, calm your ass
Just relax
Count your cash, then invest
Split the cheque
Shopping bags, hit the club, spend the rest
That’s the life we live
Man I love my team
Swear I’ll never sleep
Living my hood dreams
Like Bonang
For the night phet’intwana zam
Bout to go out
Wena ukhala ngani
Listening to this sound
Each track now shete nama ntombazane
I ain’t gotta lie
It’s about time we get our shine manje
Bhati dream team’s on the rise


We on the rise (x10)