Dreaming Out Loud Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I love in the city when the light go down
But we stayin' up all night shorty
Just a young niggas tryna get by
But don't sleep on a muhfucker
I be on my dream so loud
Shit smelling like dump on me
But I ain't tripping I'mma get right
The boy lit like a muhfucker
Way up I stay up this rap game I kick up
Don't take no for nothing
Got Mary like Jacob
I wake up and bake up and take my concoction
Don't you be talking no dumb shit
I ain't the one you gon fuck with
Plotting my play off, my lay ups are way up
It ain't no discussion
I'm up in the 496, ain't no nine up in my grip
But niggas be plotting though
I give them that fire, they drop and roll
I let 'em ride in chaperone
That's if you down, tell me you down
Sent me a text said she's home alone
I bet she down, tell me you down

I just looked at my budget
And I ain't got nothing but time to kill
I just looked at my pockets
And I ain't got too many fucks to give
I just wanna tell 'em Look Here Slime
Go On Look Here Slime, go on tell 'em
Y'all ain't gon sleep no more
Tell 'em Lookie Lookie Here Slime, go on tell 'em

I ain't even sleep, I ain't got time
('Cause I'm dreaming out loud)
Fantasies of a young king come alive
('Cause I'm dreaming out loud)
I be dreaming out, I be dreaming out loud
(I be dreaming out loud)
I be dreaming out, I be dreaming out loud
I be dreaming out, I be dreaming out loud
I be dreaming out

[Verse 2]
Young kid from the 496
Coming up never been about shit niggas
When I couldn't bring her in the crib
Back seat riding in my nigga whip nigga
And even though it probably be a trip
When we roll out, tell em toca (sp)
We ain't mad, we ain't trippin, we rich
We ain't flex but we leaving with your bitch, nigga
Switchin up the sitch, confessions of a young king
Lavish cars with a dream and a blunt lit
Tryna get familiar with a bad ting
Told her Baby Come Here Let Me Tell You Some-ting, some-ting
I don't know too much about this love thing
But we can try it if you down
'Cause you about it, 'bout it
Sixteen youngin with a raw sound
Spitting mad sixteens rolling with the wrong crowd, yeah
But that's fam though
But in the booth I'm the truth
When they shoot, I'm Rambo
And that's facts yo
I'm KO with the cash flow
Finna get the game on smash though




Coming of Age
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