Dreamin' Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



All the cars and clothes
Girls of the world
I seen it all before
And the crowd screamning
And em I feel like I've been here before
I've been dreaming'
Find me dreaming when I'm all alone
Find me dreaming
Find me dreaming when I'm all alone

[Verse 1]
Everything I used to dream about is happening
Who knew that I would be the latest fashion
and then drop an album and prove that I'm the best
And yes!
I'm cool 'cause my enemies are absent
I used to dream about me being SA's finest
Said I'd be on TV they said I be lying
In my own league rappin' on my own beats
i'm in my own world hommie I see what I wanna see
Hold on to your fans
'Cause you might just lose 'em
'Cause everybody feelin' what AB Crazy producin'
And the girl that i have today…
Uhm… she was in my dream and that was yesterday
You see?


[Verse 2]
I'm not trynna be Slikour but I need you to believe me too
And in your dreams you should see this dude
Now I'm something so cold
Believe we cool
And when the world shook us hard
We refused to move
And I don't wanna go home
I refuse to lose
They say my time is comin'
I hope it gets here soon
So I can take all these dumb rappers back to school
Now what they talking' bout?
We all know that's so not true
I'm on a roll fella
I'm on my way home
And I ain't talking 'bout my mama house
I feel like I'm the only rapper hiphop cannot do without
Watch me get paid for runnin' my mouth

[Chorus] x2