Do it Remix Lyrics


Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Do it… do it
Shout outs to AK man, JR, Slikour
We in the building, Joburg city stand up
Sure ntwana…
You know the boys do it do it, in Joburg we the truest
That’s why they love him no one above him when he touch the music
His excellent style, make them put their pants down
Coz he’s so real show the skill when the amps loud
Then amp crowd rhymes put the stamp down
This is my town my house ntwana hands down
No comparison you know the flow’s ravishing
That’s why the swag got career ho’s vanishing
Nobody nobody in this world real care
How we grinding we grinding ‘til there’s nobody left
When the streets is cold
Do it to the fullest to the max to the limit
Don’t relax to the finish
Do it on your own
‘til you finally shining you and nobody else
I do it on nine, I do it on rhymes
I do it on time, even I have time give me a hand
I do it on notes musical or Tito notes
But AKA is my boy so I rip through the throat
I do rap I do dice like chicken Nandos
I play cheap but still fly than the flight on Mango
Now put your ears to the speaker and listen to the sound
8 years in the game 8 bars let’s tango
They thought I can’t do it
So ka tsenya tlhogo mahetla all my back to it
Now I’ve already did it
O tlala ka lyric I’m never with it
Bana ba tlala ka the way I spit it
Flows I kill it, kept it fitted, share made it
JR said it play that song all night long
Dlala daai ngoma aint nothing wrong
Dlala daai ngoma wena DJ nigga don’t hate
Wena nigga play that song
JR did it … JR did it… JR did it… JR did it
JR did it… JR did it… all night long
Chicks don’t call the boys got beef with the haters
That means I’m in the kitchen playing the butcher and the baker
I’m pushing for the paper I’m grinding like a skater
Go ahead and quote me like I’m Julius Malema
Baby don’t confuse me with politicians and MP’s
The only place I want your X is following your S.E
So grab your Nike’s adjust your eye keys
Yeah Slik along with JR, MA Double and K