Delirious ft Holi Lyrics

House Afrika Sessions Vol. 4
Song Year: 



Paa pada pa da da 
Pada da da x2 
Breathing life into your life 
And that little bit of hurt 
You wish you could just shake away 
Trusting in your soul, your soul 
(Your soul) Let it take the lead oh 
Let it take control 
And then you fall down to your knees 
'Coz your heart is not at ease 
Trusting that a tear & time 
Are gonna help you heal 
Mmm mm 
Moments come & go 
Love is not for sure 
But my feelings still live on 
In the lyrics of this song 
No matter where you are 
No matter what you do 
My feelings never heal 
I'm tryin' everything to get over you 
Can't help the way I feel 
The spell you have on me 
Do I have the same on you? 
Are we really through? 
Its getting serious 
Call me delirious 
But this is ridiculous 
You're so far away from me, yet so near 
Memories in my head, I hold them dear 
I'm praying every night 
For the Lord's help in getting over you 
But once I'm done with that 
I'm lookin' at my phone in hopes you call me back 
I hate you more than I could ever contain 
For making me feel this waaay 
Bridge x1 
Chorus x2 
Intro x4

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