Dead Animals Lyrics

Motzamai Rebel without a pause
Hip Hop



My boy Blaze, re batla mashanku ntwana
Re tla a thola what
I want them animals to represent me
I want them animals to represent me
I want them animals to represent me
I want them dead fuckin animals to represent me
Ke batlana le zaka ke yo dula St. Francis
Ke nwele ka metsi like city over plantis
Lost verse called it the legal drug money
Spending in the day with an educated honey
Yes ke batla dinare le mangau
Ke dire ke printe note ya one thou…
Balemi diranta dipula dikepe
Ke di rekele ntlo e tona ke di tshele
Ke leme dipotata cotton le madopi
Ke ruile dikgansi dipudi le dinotshi
Ke rekise mamepe mabele le meseme
Makgomane le anything e ntirelang chelete
Ke kwadise di-tender ofcoz I’m a gangsta
Ke patala payola ofcoz call me mister
I want cash money in big bags of plastic
Swipe platinum cards and put money in a plastic
Ke batlana le nyuku ke reke Maserati
William Nicol Drive ho lla Motsamai
The house in Brynston 2 in Kyalami
Get a speed boat and a penthouse in Dubai
Ke batla ho thora New York City malangeni
Ke ba foufatse ka disco ya Penny penny
Ke ba searche di-dollar di-euro le di-pound
Ke tlhotlhore le box ya lost and found
Maybe I’m a dreamer monate ke go itima
Every year di 60’s monare wa bila
How can I be smart and broke at the same time
Don’t look at me get your money I mo’ get mine
I mo’ write a letter to that pope John Paul
Putting the blame on the whites the black is fall
With them elephants and lions from comrade Tito
Live a good life all dikoloto finito
They say religion is the opium of the poor
They counting all our money while we standing at the door
They got a constitution and they calling it the law
I’m breaking it I’m gonna get that whip, I’m that rebel without a pause
Millionaires buy contracts and become billionaires
People die of hunger around the world and they don’t care
Big business hugging all that capitol in big bags
???? monopoly we drowning in a shallow dam
God bless the day I met Blaze and Spiky
We pledge to make the music ‘til we look a little shiny
Le Lefika homie Mmabanyana in your neighbourhood
Motswako cover charge pay the damage on vuzu
I wanna go on holiday near Lake Victoria
Big boys come and rent boat phenomenal
Bomrapper wondering why I’m so ahead of y’all
Rebel after one thing only the animal

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