Danger ft Morafe Lyrics


O Mang
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Sweeter the juice the blacker the morubele
Khuli like Kedibone maphuka a serurubele
La tuka lebunju lele, bozzi why re phungwa ke mukutsele
Re juta leburu lele
Ghost sniffing the tricks switching dibono tsele
Hope sniffing she twists bina dinyuku tsele
Don Khuli-yon don Khuli wena o mang?
Ka shwa ka ikepela o dikenela jwang
O jola ma top-seven, rola le di-celeb
Yo pump toys kettle, hard boys eketlele
Nshebele ke o shebele, nthekele ke itumele
That’s what I want the lifestyle dichelete
Tshwara dipele tsa Khuli Chana go sleep on it
Call my name is Bonnie & Macaroni so cheese on it
Yours put your balls on the table more geez on it
Kinda like you shoes but put some sleeves on it

[Bridge] X3
Nna ke rata basadi (No lie!)
Ke tshaba basadi (No lie! No lie!)

Ba tla o tsenya mo tsietsing X2

[KayGee with ad lips]
I knew a girl, sheer driving pleasure
But the only problem is, she’ll try to rearrange ya
There’s nothing in the world, you can do to change her
Coz all she’ll ever do to you, is put your life in danger

[Hip Hop Pantsula]
Let me tell you about this honey well respected by niggaz
Ngwana a tsosa panana tsa banna becoz of her figures
I knew everything about her, her style and her taste
The clothes she wore, what she liked, and the niggaz she chased
We was like Fresh & Melanie like Mickey and Minnie
When ever ke m’shayela melody resisting the singing
Till the day I saw her at the club flashing her titties
Smoking on some marijuana pumping dipilis
A ntlhantsha, ka mo lata grabbed her hand went home
Asked me if I could stay over coz her parents were gone
To a funeral in Durban ka di bala why not
While talking funny she told me she love me right on the spot
Swore she’ll never do it again but then I laid it to rest
Sat me down took off my coat put her hands on my chest
Grabbed my neck ka dizzysta hoping that she’ll stop it
She said to me ke o batla nou we made love on the carpet
Being a while since she last called me up on my cell
Thought maybe she wants to chill sit back relax on the shell
Then I thought I’ll call her up to find out if all was well
All of a sudden, the silence was broken by the door bell
When I looked out, outside it was raining like hell
Opened up the door and just then my temperature fell
Ele yena in the pula standing still getting wet
Opened up I asked her in and she looked really upset
Asked her what the deally was honey broke down crying
Then I closed up all the curtains just in case I was spied on
I could tell what she was about to say really upsetting
She looked at me with regretting eyes ene a re Jabba I’m expecting
I was shooked up I mean the girl is only a minor
I hugged her, told her if she needs some help I’m behind her
I felt bad hey, but then it hit me who was the course?
Ka mmotsa who the daddy was? A re the baby is yours


Phusha mara s’ka owna builda
Kopela boss ha ka thuntsa shielda
Rapela coz you never know where danger
Sometimes bana ba ba phusha chandi major

Ba tla o tsenya mo tsietsing
Ba tla o tsietsa…
Ba tla o tsenya mo tsietsing
Ba tla o tsenya mo tsietsing
Moo keneng kere ka okomela be ke wela mo metsing
Ba tla o tsenya mo tsietsing
Ba tla o tsietsa…
Ba tla o tsenya mo tsietsing
Ba tla o tsenya mo tsietsing
Moo keneng kere ka dikenela be ke khawatha sim’ting

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