Dablibs Lyrics

CUTaways EP
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Find me in the studio
Where I do the Magic
I just did my verses and I think I need some AdLibs
Just to get you dabbing
Dabbing to the AdLib
Look at how I’m dabbing
Dabbing to the AdLib
I should call em Dablibs (x2)
You ain’t got a song if you didn’t do the Dablibs
Yeah we call em Dablibs
Man we call em Dablibs
We don’t sing along if you didn’t do the Dablibs
Based on a true story

[Verse 1]
Need some re-enancments
Oh boy
We gon need some actors
Momma on the phone asking if I’m really sure
That I’m tryna carry on with this rapping, slime
I think she already know the answer, slime
All she had to do was put her hand up, yeah
Started touching road
Now I got a couple hoes
Asking if I’m coming home
Just Imagine
Young Man,I don’t trust nobody,I don’t trust nobody
Why nkare hao tlale (x2)
Never caught a body
But I know somebody
That’ll get somebody
Who gon prolly put your work to silence
Yeah I’m still the shit
Aint nothing changed
Hold up wait
Yeah I’m still the shit,Diaper change
Go ahead say my name
Say my name
Let me teach you how to play the game
And I played away


[Verse 2]
Crazy way to start a song huh
You niggas prolly thought you wouldn’t get the work huh
I’ve been out the hood,tell me what’s the word bra
I heard ain’t shit changed still these niggas hate the boy huh
Fuck em all
I got other shit to focus on
Still ignore em
I don’t owe em shit
Man I’m on my own
Getting more vicious with the hits,better than before
My new song is really with the shits,toilet paper roll
I’m advancing and I know you see it
They ain’t talking about the thong when they say their city
I say it on the Microphone, while you niggas tweet it
Either you got it or you don't
Ain’t nothing between it, Oh God
Ain’t no love for that other squad, Hell Naw
Ain’t no love for them other guys
Open up you eyes,Look through em,see the other side
Man you’ll realise the whole Tiiiiime


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