Celebrate Lyrics

Heads and Tales
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



[Maggz] Feels like the first day of spring ha ha [Pro] After all that hard work getting your fingers dirty and shit [Maggz] You feeling clean you know spending your money [Pro] Yeah [Maggz] It’s about that season [Pro] Raise your glasses up and celebrate the day [Maggz] 2000 and forever Pro and Maggz [Pro] M-A double and Pro [Maggz] Yo too many devils in my life got it claustrophobic Pen magnifies the truth trust the focus The ink, page and logic mix when I wrote this A cocktail of words a fix for the hopeless Giving you lines needle shots for your soul God never in rhymes the battle is not where you go To find peace and hope before we even cope Street are the church and the flow freeze the Pope [Prokid] We verbal magicians with miraculous words we be witching them Convincing them teaching them bitching men be switching them From street corners we run tracks like Olympians Visualize the animal and man like homosipians Recognize rap genius is always genuine Games begin the same sin bitches killing them Treasure time I stay green rich meridian Pressure wise winning in front of eyes of greedy men [Maggz] So Pro what’s the next move let’s check the mate [Pro] With raps they hate let’s celebrate and clap these fakes [Maggz] These cats are great we penetrate and snatch they cakes [Pro] You fags are late you better hate the raps we make [Chorus] X 4 Hold tight there’s a lot of your life Hold tight there’s a lot of your life Don’t be scared to dream Just celebrate the day, just celebrate the day [Prokid] Hear me continuing from the previous verse of greedy men How I analyze life is twice my opinion M-A double and Pro you know we speak accurate And when it comes to the flow we both street graduates Beats adequate, with the unique tip elegant Better than veterans measure it we keep it relevant Pressure with clever men we bringing raps we be grabbing them My adamant stays accurate cracking them when they sharing them [Maggz] Like Bar tenders we serve shots but with a magnum Swinging left and right my fist like a pendulum Against the ropes like my weight bro We came I scope why I hit the mic in the stage too To make the pain elope, kid I’m not trying to amaze you Commotions in my mind got me writing on this page blue It’s definitive, we own this image kid Flash down you rappers on stage coz you lyric shit [Hook] Celebrate … celebrate the day Just celebrate the day, just celebrate the day [Chorus] X 1 [Maggz] Third verse third strike you loose you out by [Pro] From the first verse you heard right choose you might try [Maggz] Worse words of life confuse you might die [Pro] When verse burst worth a try if it bruise your right eye [Maggz] All you gimmicks are lying trying to mimic the rhyme [Pro] We royal critics of crime and we in it to shine [Maggz] I know your lyrics rewind every minute than mine [Pro] We spoil critical minds and we did it, it’s fine [Maggz] Plus we caught you off guard like president nike [Pro] So now you thought you so hard that’s the reason you fight [Maggz] Hit you with the chrome bars now my lyrics are bright [Pro] So get with these all stars while we giving you life [Chorus] X 2 Celebrate… celebrate the day Celebrate… celebrate the day