Caribbean Chick Lyrics

MC Prayer
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Hey di ya bowa ka daar, ntate bona
Ayi san, e Thasman tshwara, ntshwarele so
Ntshwarele glass so,e re ke arabe phone fela
Hallo… hey wasup love shit
You know what I just got off stage
S’ka utlwa ke hema heeeemhhmmhmmm
Ke maka? Gare yalo…hey sale ke o promise gore ke tlo o founela
But since o founile a re dikenele like…
Where you been all this time
Haven’t heard from you ever since
Now I’m leaving baby
Coz I’ve been waiting too long
I know I haven’t seen you in a while
Haven’t come through with them roses in a while
But that don’t mean gore ga ke go nagane all the time
Tshwana le the British folk they can’t forget Princess Di’
Funny how things don’t work out
For the good, remember when you had a man told me to back down
Your wish my command never let you down
I’m good for your health like borotho bo bo brown
Brown … brown… hey sega moo
What happened to the love it would have carried us through
Be it good or bad my heart belongs to you
You, should have stuck around if you were true
Eventually good things would have come my way boo
[Bridge] X2
Wa ikitsi my carribbean chick
S’ka dibala coz ke tlo o bella e se kgale
Been a while but ke tlo o bona e se kgale
Wa ikitsi my carribbean chick
[Chorus] X2
Nsebeletse ke o sebeletse di sweet nothings
Lay down let me put my magic fingers to work
Fa ke fetsa we are cuddling pillow fight wrestling
Kahosane in the morning I fix you breakfast in bed
Introduce you to the folks as rapo la pelo yame
Type ya go tlogela banna ba tsherenyane
Treat you as my equal forget about gare lekane
If I ever put that ring on your finger witsi ga re gaohane
Tse dintsi di lebale ga o le monate ke monate
Walk with me if you in the dark I will light
Life is just too short to play games and me lie
Bona ka go fila, no matter gore kasi e tshwere bana ba des
Yes bona ka go fila, kae kapa kae no matter where I’m at
Bana ba des, you are no less
[Bridge] X2
[Chorus] X2
Ah mara wena, wena ke o lorile
Ka mmao ke o lorile shit
Many many many years many memories
To let them go down the drain, God’s plan never in vain
Soul mates till the casket drops
Seeing that we still alive, let’s celebrate and hit the dance floor
Waiting too long…