Bump The Cheese Up Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



*Toll A$$ Mo Intro*
(Reason Verse:)
I tell 'em bump da cheese up!
I aint copping out like bon bhutiza!
Talk to the flat line or Boss da fee up!
If you! offering peanuts, goggle my D-nuttts!
Nikka bump da cheese up
thick base doe like romans pizza
Or Just say "no thanks bro, I'll see ya"
Coz ya cheques don't make no benz from Kia's
Bump da cheese up!
you don't want me to start rolling my sleeves up
money where ya mouth & dont pump cheeks up!
Coz if money really talks then ya voice defunct.
You needa bump de cheese up!
Coz the car aint cheap and the jets anit either
and plus my daughter school just jumped the fees up
and my time is money, so you owe me like 3 months
Bump da cheese bitch! x 2

*Toll A$$ Mo Speech*
(Tumi Verse:)
Bump the cheese up
Give me some more Like Bust' and Spliff Star
I am no Hoe but I been in a strip club
Know how it go, no Guap can't feel us
Yeah, you best bump the cheese up
Milk the cow, Breast pump the 'C' cups
I don't really take note of madibas
You need a Platinum VISA For my stroke of genius
Yeah, I said bump the cheese up
Wife gotta feed pups Nice her feet up
See why all the exJumps on mean mug,
Lining up at Tibz club Trying to get free stuff
Yeah its cuz you aint bump the cheese up
I told the brand manager suck my penis
Whatever starts at 6 figures I am in
What you thought cuz we got bars you can offer us peanuts
You better bump the cheese up bitch x 2
Shout to Hollow for the slang

*Toll A$$ Mo Speech*
Ginger Verse:
Bump Tha cheese up, wait!
what you mean 1 G? You cheap much?
my 16 cost 3 G's at least plus
you the one who really needs me,
nigga fuck ya speech,suck on these!what?
bump the cheese up/
up the cream so that me and my team can be living out a dream,Trust
I can promise you this though,
jockin' me won't guarantee you no God damn feature nigga hop of these nuts
bump the fee up
gots ta eat I need lots a cheese ta/cop the V.Dub
me cop a plea? no not from me cous'
fuck a freestyle bump the cheese up
my little brother got a thing for sneaks now
I know my mother wanna see her seed smile
a little butter so they see me clean now the freaks keep me on speed-dial
bump the cheese up bitch!
Bridge Verse:
Better Bump da cheese bitch!
I need cop brand new sneackers quick!
I need, new whip, new scene and crib,
- I needa better the tithe while I clean my sins/
...Bump da cheese bitch!
Bottles in the clubs aint cheap for shit!
Yo! Even the bouncers wanna leave with tips!
So if ya wallet feels cocky you can leave with some chicks/
Bump da cheese bitch! x 2

*Toll A$$ Mo Speech*