Broke People ft Samthing Soweto Lyrics

Return of the King
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



[Verse 1]
I see broke people, heart-broke people
Down low sharing homes with cockroach-people
Yeah, broke people, no J.O-people
No loan mashonisa break your bones-people
I mean broke people, catch a stroke-people
Hospital won’t treat you, go and die alone-people
Know any broke people?
On TV shows-people
30 minutes won’t fit their life-long sequel
I’ve seen broke people
The ones with broke people
Get their cheques for bringing death on their own people

[Chorus: Samthing Soweto]
Where have you been?
E’kanti aw’bon’abantu bayalamba?
S’thule nje, kodwa sibizi sizilungiselela
Ukuthatha okungokwethu,
Ukufuna umnotho wethu,
He’bafethu ngcel’umthandazo ngobinzima lendlela

[Verse 2]
I see broke people, go slow-people
They don’t vote for ideas, they voting for people
Yeah broke people, stand in a cold-people
In their numbers tryna win the lotto-people
I mean those people, shebeen-going people
At the club, guarding your Volvo-people
Know any broke people? that mighta stole from people
Get caught and killed off put in a hole-people
Funeral people, no insurance people
What do you know they can survive, my broke people?
I’ve seen’em all in the malls cleaning store windows
No apples or books just spykos people


[Verse 3: Samthing Soweto]
You think about it man, dont step back
How we living now, we broke as hell
Ngoba has fun'uk hlakanisa
Ukwazi ne zenzo zas'wisa
So now look, I'm tryna get money
Don't need no drama uyabona sbali
But then again I'm working with these guys
Cool dudes till we say our goodbyes
Then its each man to his own world
So get, things from home
Cause I was never born no, no, no
All I'm tryna get is money
Hope you understand real money