Bokone Bophirima Lyrics


Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Kgale ba ringa this is some straight patriotic stuff
You know Jabba from the ruff… to lekoko
We do it like (Impact Sounds!!) Impactually
Utlwa… bona… bua nigga!
Kgale lefatshe le re thiba
Saying we’ll never make it le kgana re etsa dipina
Now le tsholetsa diriba
Coz Jabba pledge allegiance to Bokone Bophirima
Ha ona le mona boss dima
We’ve been hungry for long and all along le re tima
Now le batla hore skima
We always pledge allegiance to Bokone Bophirima
Now this track is for manyora a ko motseng
Those hip hop niggaz living the life ba ba thotseng
It’s time to re-direct back ko re kgotseng
Ga oka senyega ke bona ba bare tshotseng
Le re botseng it’s hard doing this care alone
Now it’s time we take the next SAMA home
You’ve seen it, the way we blow like cyclone
Face beat it, sharpen your swords the fight’s on
Calling all my niggaz from Kuruman to Itsoseng
From Carletonville to Maf-town down to Phokeng
Go down to Ikageng le ba botseng
The gold brick award ke mang bari e etshotseng
Time to empty out dipotla… re hiti
All my niggaz ba ditsobotla… ba itsi
We make sugar flow sweeter than switsi
Especially if Thas-man is making the biti
I’m talking to hard niggaz bale bago diga di-case
Those thug niggaz with a permanent phuza face
Everywhere they go ba tlatsa space
Ex-MC’s now you left the game with no trace
Where you at niggaz? Now the whole world dig us
Bread winners coz now we pushing bank figures
All kinds of DJ’s now big us
Up… like never before they all in us
We blast niggaz just kicking digato
Ha o belaela eya Tlhabane botsa mophato
Not forgetting my peeps ba Lehurutsi
Jabba say Bongo ke o rolela hutsi
Stump tweaks like Timbaland bootsi
Always cooking up a new hit re sa ikhutse
Now we coming with the hetic pina
Run shit from here to Jobetina…. Bina
Oh yeah yah we biggin up everybody from Garankuwa to Swartreggins
From Oppie down to Doornfotein daarso
All those places we don’t know
All those people we were suppose to come visit  (Koster…Pampierstad)
But with the same breath we do understand there’s cats living mo Bokone Bophirima
Or cats that use to live mo Bokone Bophirima (Big ‘em up Jabba big ‘em up)
We gots to big you guys up
I call my boy Maxhoba to help me out…
To all my niggaz ba ko Welkom (Where you at?)
All my Bloemfontein young bucks (Where you at?)
Not forgetting all my Mamelodi niggaz (Where you at?)
All my Polokwane young heads (Where you at?)
From here OE to Meadowlands (Where you at?)
Gaborone, Maseru where you at (Where you at?)
All my Alexandra niggaz (Where you at?)
And you know I cant pass Leondale baby what’s up (Where you at?)
Jabba rhyme…
[Chorus] x2