Black Rick Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Never broke, that shit that I did
Blowing smoke, that shit that I did
Gave them a classic
It's about to go platinum
Shit that I did, shit that I did
Said I'm never going broke
That shit that I did
Plust I'm always blwoing smoke
That shit that I did, that shit that I did
'Bout to go platinum

[Verse 1]
Willow Smith on that top
Always hot when I drop
Said they got all the keys
Yellow changed all the locks
I'm just a better rapper
I'm just a better trapper
Ey, I just got better cooking
Wait, I'm just like better looking
Jump on the chopper and I land on the roof
Turn on the lights when I jump in the booth
Open my mouth and I talk about the truth
And I'm high as fuck man I feel like I'm Snoop
I feel like I'm Snoop, oh wait I feel like I'm Bruice
'Cause the coupe, 'cause of the way that I do
'Cause of the way that I move
21 I'm getting rich, man I was born in '96
What she turning 25, but I'm still in that bitch
Could've bought a fucking whip
Could've bought a fucking crib
Still posing out my mama house
Fucking bitches all on their lip


[Verse 2]
Getting high as a bitch
Waiting on hundred bands
Now I'm just getting rich (x3)
Wait that is your bitch, jump on my dick
Then I hop out, the I fuck all'a y'all bitches
Wait I'm done talking shit, if you insist
I been touching the sky, just look at my wrist
What's a top five if I'm not on that list
Fame made this shit tricky
Should've known how I deal with it
I can't visit in the city
'Cause then they treat meal ticket
Yellow made a nigga bigger
Yellow made a nigga bigger
Only sign unless it's Cole shit
Only sign unless it's Jigga
And all that talking is cheap
I moved my mom out the streets
I know they all hit their peak
That's why they look so bleek
I gave my sister her brick