Always ft Blaklez & Kyle Deutsch Lyrics

Da Don Singles
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Hip Hop



[Hook: Kyle Deutsch]
You got what I need,
Always, always, always
A love like this should be
For always, always, always
You got what I need (Ride to die)
Always (Just you and I), always (Hands in the sky), always (And side by side)
A love like this should be (Ride to die)
For always (Just you and I), always (Hands in the sky), always (And side by side)

[Verse 1: Blaklez]
Aah yes
It's amazing how we getting paid to raise the crowd
It's not to say we made it now
But it's safe to say we made this town
Naysayers trying to break me down
Media saying things to make me frown
Said I'm lost and I ain't been found
Got the blood of a king
But I ain't been crowned
Jesus tell mama she ain't gotta cry no more
And tell her hore ngwana gae ke boss
And the devil I don't know
What he trying to do
But we ain't gon fall
Or drop to the floor 'cause Modimo wa re bona
Die for virtue and not for gold
Love the dough, love my daughter more
Blowing oowie le manyora
Salutations, Chad Da Don
Getting respect like never before
You taking us down!!
Psssht! Never le kgone

[Hook: Kyle Deutsch]

[Verse 2: Chad Da Don]
This energy that I feed off
Imma need all o' yall to scream off
C to the H A D, The Don
Man I did it by myself but Imma need y'all
So far gone I forget you guys
Everywhere I fucking go now they recognise
So you couldn't find a white guy fresh as I
Man my verse is a hearse 'cause the beat just died
This love that I'm getting now is always
I can hear em making noise in these hallways
They never gave a fuck now they up for foreplay
She want me to eat it up, I have four plates
If it ain't about the money, we don't parlay
So don't put me on your lineup if it don't pay
I don't need any favours I need more pay
And I need you to do it like the song says

[Bridge x2: Kyle Deutsch]
I don't need anything else
If I got you, if I got you, always

[Hook: Kyle Deutsch]