Almighty Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Almighty, Almighty
Almighty, Almighty (I call the...)
Almighty, Almighty
I call the Almighty (Almighty, Almighty)

[Bridge x4]
The ascended master has arrived
Seen the message in the sky
Feel the vibe, feel the vibe
All the blessings up inside

Feel the blessing up inside, you
And inside me
It's like ooooohhhh

I thank my mamma cause she raised us
Kept me away from Satan
And always watched my behaviour
The Almighty, Almighty
I call the Almighty, Almighty
I'm just trying get to the saviour
Who the bible says [?]
Who will rock to the day
I never wanted to to de-delay ya
No delay ya
Can't delay ya (x2)
The Almighty, Almighty
I call the Almighty, Almighty
Don't delay (x2)
Spread your love then say it
All love and lightning praise it
Ndi ngu nala
U ndogose
I never force it, I'll never forfeit
My cup runneth over
I drink from the faucet (hoooo)
I do it for the people
AmaXhosa baby we know
Shout out my people
Love to reach home

I'm just saying
Spreading loving like rabie baby