All Hail ft Cassper Nyovest & MDB Lyrics

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Hip Hop



Oh yeah

[Hook: MDB]
All hail king GAWD
Gcwalisela ntanga uba blesser
Tlatseletsa ntcha yaka uba
We just want the gold and the blessings (x2)

[Verse 1: Khuli Chana]
I swerve back real king like...
Chalice filled to the brim right
Bank balance got me thinking like...
Get out the manners and move out the city
Ke boele makhaya and build right
From the darkness kings bring light
It's my throne let me sit right
Wanna see bygones be bygones
You a house snake, me I'm python
You a Chun Li me I'm Bison
I'm a king ntwana let me think right

[Hook: MDB]

[Verse 2: Khuli Chana]
Verse two still king like...
Makasana cava who's king, right
Makasana hit me like prr prr
(Hey broer waka ocho ha o drop-e daai ding)
Phalafala swerving when I skurr skurr
Give me shine ntwana, let me bling right
Oh shame, bona he, throwing shade, money tree
Oh shame ako bone he wasn't throwing shade
With no money tree
Heh-eh heh-eh heh-eh, that heh-eh money
Don't need your jeje, jeje, your jeje 'round me
If I can papa from dipapa,
Don't tell me about rapper money
I fed Lefika motswako and everybody saluta the generale
Duck bullets from federale
I am absolute, I'm not just anybody

[Hook: MDB]

[Verse 3: Cassper]
Family tree is the squad bitch
We always leaving like a car[?]
The game is dead, I close the casket
Ha ke le llele julle bastards
Ke butse ke pepa lebantin
Qho ke betsa bari tse ka baak stina
A verse will cost you hundred thousand
Man being broke is some dumb shit
Me and Kuli got a smash out
Put our flows together, it's a madhouse
Niggas hating 'cause we cashed out
Came from rock bottom nigga [?]
Kanti keng joe, man we been dope
Got a problem le nna le majimbos
Then we throw you out the fucking window
I'm your father nigga you just seem dope
Did you get that?
All you cats rap like an F student
I'm a lab rat, I ain't saying that all of you cats wack
I'm just saying it's something I laugh at
Like seriously I be serious
I'm really really really curious
Do they really think hore they killing us
Have you seen the dome, would you fill it up
Don't worry I'll wait
I got a lot of time on my plate
Fuck y'all, number one is my place
I always did the shit that make the speakers vibrate
I'm always dressed in some fresh shit
Y'all should ask for help, ke le rute
Or in the club with my shirt off
Spinning like I'm Liu Kang

[Hook: MDB]