Alcohol Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Niggas claim they're sick but my shit medicinal,
I'm dropping hits and serving them lyrically, I'm necessarily evil.
You're predictable,
my future was designed by a scientist as an experiment for a columar glass that can bump in your mama's legs.
Here's a pinky promise i made to God and he forgave me in advance for i know what da fuck i am doing here.
Ima innovate, create, stick to the competition,
I don't even need to take niggas on the mic, I'll just kill em in a pillow fight.
Yeah, they lame as fuck they can't even trap,
They making noise with the shit that we can't even here,
I blame the government for legalising weed in the country cause nowadays when you high you just think you can rap.
Bushbuckridge the city ima put on the map,
Man i can rap in any pace just to make myself clear,
Now if you look into my eyes you can see i don't fear,
All the bitches that left me will come back when they see the cheque.
And i be like check is the same bitch who told me that I'm a fluke
Now that I'm living the proof she outchea asking juice.
And all i got here is alcohol, yeah.
And all i got here is alcohol, damn.
Man all i got here is alcohol bitch
Man all i got here is alcohol, yeah.
All i got here is alcohol bitch.