Africa Prey Lyrics

Nations Uprising
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



The lord is my Shepard 
And I…  shall not want oh oh (Africa stand up…Africa stand up)
The lord is my Shepard (Young Nations stand up … stand up)
And I… shall not want oh oh (Child soldier stand up)
(The time is now… come on… let’s go)
I was raised up from a young seed revolutionary soldier
Pen in my right hand world on my left shoulder
Long days cold nights lyrics by the candle light
I’m just trying to handle life, simple like a roll of dice
Same time so precise no choice but to fight
Giving up not the type breaking men the same advice
Many men tried to stop destiny is never blocked
I pray I reach the top I’m trying to breach the log
Through my words I reach allow me to teach
My moment of victory allow me to breath
We’ve been through it all from apartheid to poverty
No surprise we resort to strong armed robbery
I’m just trying to find my balance what’s right what’s wrong
Hopefully you feel my soul through this song
It’s been a long time since I… confessed the truth
So I sacrifice my life for you
Dear Lord
[Chorus] X 2
The Lord is my Shepard (Yes)
And I… shall not want (Nope)
Never have never will
Go ahead write it down in my will
Dear Lord
It’s hard to survive but somehow we made it through this
Quick as they give it they snatch it right back to you
Africa build they knew
From the Congo to the sands of Sudan
To the jungles of Somalia dynamite mafias
Make millions from the black children
Locked in the system where everybody is victim
Nobody wants to listen so I speak my soul
Reaching a hole Africa we out of control
Child soldier at the age of five
Happy birthday here’s an AK and a 45
Lord have mercy I got bullets in my chest
Can’t breath what’s next, I’m bleeding through my vest
Finally my soul caressed
If that’s the peace we getting figures
They fill our villages with hollow tips and crucifix
Stole our riches, the pyramids they still pillage
And all we see on CNN is Africa is at war again
Lord help us
[Chorus] X 2
How can we now forget
Mama Africa we stop and give you due respect
You gave birth to plant seeds to the sacred tree
I take this time out to thank you for saving me
Love you eternally, just like the wings of a bird that’s free
Spread your arms out wide till your fingers touch the galaxy
Let the angels sing they sing religious praise
Beautiful black girl holding on to better days
African princess I know it’s hard to smile
Queen of paradise from Zululand to the river Nile
I know it’s hard to know the pain you go through
But if I said it, then I meant to sacrifice my life for you
Whoever thought that we can be this close
Holding on to memories like a heavenly ghost
Waking up to the sunshine of a brand new day
But what’s life in these hard times when you so far away
Hoping that God listens but it’s so hard to pray
I hope that one day we escape this and make it to the better days
In your name I pray
[Chorus] X 1
Light the candle for the children of war
Pray that you watch over and protect us
Light the candle for the children of war
These hard times, these times of war
Dear Lord, pray that you watch over and protect us
Young Nations… just my prayer… just my prayer
Come on … Young Nations