Abundantly Lyrics

Coming from going to



I was a lost soul in the world
I didn't know what to want
I didn't know how to need
I was a lost soul and it hurt
I took in half of them and gave them all of me

And I know what I deserve, but sometimes I do not see.
I seem to want the things that don't seem to want me.
But Lord you came down and gave a hand to me
You blessed me with your grace and so abundantly
I was alone, my heart was so afraid
I carry too much pain
Just me on my own.
But you knew right away I had much more to gain.
Took me away x4

You're amazing on my GOD
You've shown me all my worth
And favoured me highly
Yes I know now oh dear Lord
I don't have to try to get the love l need


Sometimes Lord, the way you work makes me cry.
But l know now and I won't ever, ever ask you why
You're my key x3