Wrongfully Detained Lyrics

It's Time
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Broken skies and tears of pain
Little children crying in the rain
Every night
They say some seasons never change
But there's no reason why they have to wait
Without life

Lying in the cold
Nothing left to hold
With no words to say

Can you feel the pain
Can you find a way to get these little hands out of these chains
Will they live again
Will they smile someday
Still another innocent heart remains
Wrongfully detained

Lost and found with one last breath
Across the ocean trapped In loneliness
Left to drown

I see both ends burning now
Another child is falling while world stands around

There's no moving on
All the time has gone
Someone needs to say


They don't even know what love is
They can't even see the damage done
They've done nothing wrong
They just need someone
Who can set them free