Women Lyrics


Book Of Proverb
Song Year: 
Hip Hop


Women Like Ma Grand moms is right at the roots of the family tree/ scooped me
As an infant and produced a man out of me/ and all the knowledge that you handed
To me/ all the protection you gave when the world was trying to do damage to me/
For that I’m thanking you/ no words can explain my gratitude/ as a matter of fact
I wanna name my daughter after you/ I remember days you would spank a dude/
And I’d get mad at you/ cause little did I realize I didn’t have a clue/ that you were
Tryina teach me all the things that a man should do/ and show me the differences
Between a fib and the truth/ you raised a soldier, a man than can stand on his own
Two/ a man that can face any challenges that his going thru/ I’m glad I listened took
A bit of your infinite wisdom/ you taught me that a women’s role is more than in the
Kitchen/ I pry that God will continue to bless you/ my last wish is that you live long
Enough to see me be successful/
..And parents/ Women like my moms who’s always out working feeding the fam/ an
Independent black woman who never needed a man/ you taught me to believe that
I can/ achieve whatever it is I wanted in life you made me who I am/ you took me to
Church thank you for making me read the bible too/ you equipped me with all the
Necessary survival tools/ the best education you took me to private schools/ grew
Up a bit of a spoiled brat my life was cool/ there was a point that you and I could
Barely get along/ but I suppose that is the case with every kid and moms/ you bought
Me my very first car on my 21st moms and I Mean every word in this song/ cause you
And my Grams raised a man without any help/ and I know you proud I’m making
Something out of myself/ you never did like the fact I rap you were doubtful/ but I
Wonder what you think of this track cause it’s about you.
Women like my little sister another black woman in the making/ learn from your
Mistakes and don’t be a afraid to make em/ and always do your homework/ I know
You’re popular your classmates show love/ cause your big brother is Proverb/ just
Remember your own goals and live your own dreams too/ learn all of the lessons
That life is gon teach you/ cause Life’s good/ and I would take it back if I could/
To being a kid again remember to treasure your child hood/ I can imagine growing
Up as a girl is hard/ you have to work twice as hard/ cause this world is harsh/
But don’t ever let a man put his hands on you, in fact warn him/ that if he touches
You I’ll put my hands on him/ you don’t have to be a housewife and stay at home/
And you don’t have to stay in the kitchen those days are gone/ you don’t have to get his money girl get paid on your own/ I’ll tell you all about the birds and bees the day you’re grown/
To all the women in my life and all the women in the world/ the women that are wives and to all the little girls/ still growing up to be women listen to the verb/ I appreciate you and I scribbled a little verse..