Stop Think Lyrics


Song Year: 
Hip Hop


Verse 1
I know we’re young and we’re adventurous/ looking for that rush and to experiment
with the drugs/ and besides it seems really cool with friends of ours/ and being uncool
just don’t make sense at all/ that’s when there’s alcohol/ and I don’t want my friends
to think I’m a punk/ so it starts with a sip then a drink to get drunk/ then it moves to
the weed to the spliffs and the blunts/ then it’s pills at the clubs/ now I’m a addicted to
drugs/ and yo, don’t be fooled by how cool it seems/ son you will loose your dreams/
your fuel and steam/ it’ll take away all of your opportunities/ you will loose friends
and family once you’re a feine/ don’t get me wrong I’m not tryina preach I’m not here
to lecture/ but watch the company you keep and the peer pressure/ because your life
is a treasure/ and I’d hate to see you wasting it in jail or dying on a stretcher.
Verse 2
Or when you have a low self esteem and you barely love yourself/ you tryina escape
and you’re thinking that drugs drugs will help/ the only thing drugs will do is mess up
your health/ not to mention, you can never escape yourself/ so stop trying, there are
other ways to solve ‘em/ when you and your fam have communication problems/ and
that’s when all your self worth is forgotten/ but drugs are not the answer cause that’s
rock bottom/ so stop think.. think about your loved ones son and stay away from
drugs/ and do not just drink.. a lot of people don’t know but alcohol and weed are
gateway drugs/ so listen, drugs are miserable/ drugs will imprison you/ there’s a slow
decay of mind body and spirit too/ you will loose yourself if you let the drugs get to
you/ so get rid of the drugs before they get rid of you/
Verse 3
It’s easier to get in then to get out/ take it from me life is so much better without/ you
have a lot less to think and worry about/ and the load is a lot lighter to carry around/
so do yourself a favor/ empower yourself with education/ and if you got problems
learn to face them/ I’d hate to see you wasting/ your life as drug patient/ struggling
with rehabilitation/ and don’t be naive and think that drugs are cool/ drugs are cruel/
and awareness is a vital tool/ and if I were you I would get high on life/ cause getting
high on drugs has too high a price/ and my life is worth more/ education and
knowledge are the keys that’ll open the doors/ to a world of experiences/ so stop
and think and you’ll realize how serious this is.
Stop think
Think about yourself, about your health, about your wealth and just
Stop think
Think positive that’s how you’ve got to live it’s you prerogative to
Stop think
Think about what your life is worth and how you might get hurt if you don’t
Stop think
So just stop…