Paradise ft Boki Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Verse 1:
Inspiration comes from within/ up under the skin/ to make you run for pen/ and bless them with something again/ I’d rather keep it real as a peasant than front as a king/ it’s that kind thought that’ll comfort a friend/ and for the quite lost it’s a compass for them/ it’s that type of song that never comes to an end/ the sight of Lebron when he jumps for the rim/ to dunk on opponents/ it can change your entire lifestyle in one solid moment/ it’s the floodgates that one thought can open/ one drop one pond before long it’s an ocean/ that songs that’s evoking the strongest emotion/ that will to succeed as long as we’re hoping/ mending the bond that we’ve broken/ saying what’s on your mind all along without it all being spoken/ this is when…
Verse 2:
Inspiration will drive you like chauffeurs/ so by the time you arrive you are closer/ to your dreams while your eyes are wide open/ that gleam to the shine that keeps the silence golden/ and that’s why you learn more when you say less/ an why you earn more when you pay respect/ the reason you yearn more when you pace it/ you burn more never get turned off when you chase it/ cause once the light is switched on then it stays bright/ the runway to lift off when you take flight/ from being afraid to get on cause of stage fright/ to having the faith to spit bombs and to stage dive/ word to the smart it’s a schooling lesson/ with turbo charge and there’s fuel injection/ cause working hard makes room for blessings/ and the worth is more than a jewel collection/ this is when…
Now if you’re feeling inspired to build your empire then put your hands higher (put your hands higher)
And if you feeling inspired to go higher then holler we’re on fire (We on fire)
Verse 3:
This is why I drop another hit on a day to day/ cause it’s impossible to quit when the stakes are raised/
I clock in for another shift and just wait for my day/ this is why doctors are rich cause having patience pays/
Like having a radio station brain/ and inspiration stays/ the hit on heavy rotation played/ just tune in to the right frequency modulation gauge/ it pays to put in the work like occupation wage/ inspiration ages like wine/ turns the pages o time/ birthed in the soul and raised in the mind/ nurtured is the spirit just waiting to be defined/ the Coal that’s in the soul just waiting to be a diamond.
I’m inspired, chasing my desires,
I needed to do my thing, so I’m getting higher. I’m on fire, doing what’s required. So if you’re inspired, let me see you raise your hands.

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