M.I.A Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Tonight… tonight… tonight
Okay this is what we work hard for
Take a moment to spend money like I’m gatvol
Spane sime kancani like people at the bus stop
I’m in the place where you might need a passport
I’m living it up with my boys
The party is crazy ko mjondolo
So live it up for ifokolo
Di-empty crates howa babotlolo
And they aint cheap clever we pay bills
Even the waitress is all smiles coz she knows what a ???? is
Even the ladies they going crazy
Look at their faces they’re so amazing
The mood is right everybody looking good tonight
The right swag is what we push tonight
I’m blazing on the kush tonight, I’m feeling good tonight
This is the part of my life and times that I enjoy the best (tonight!)
This is the part of my life and times that I never had (tonight!)
Tonight I’m missing in action (Tonight!)
Missing in action (tonight!) X3
One minute I’m here the next I’m not
I’m a magician ladies that I’m with stress a lot
Some call me heart breaker who am I to judge
Angisi yena u-Magistrate I got a mighty touch
Mangiceta baya complain-a saying I gotta stop
It’s part of my job to be out at night
But they got a tendency to focus on the nice life
Then I tell ‘em hey I need to get paid
The only thing that’s on their mind is that I get laid
But I don’t have time they all late
Now I’m taking a plane to visit all states
And you may never know, what could happen if I go
Whether I’ll come back or not it’s something I’ve never told
Now everybody knows who exactly this is
Get a cc get out of my business
I work to damn hard to make my cheque
And if you hating baby boy I gotta hate right back
Yeah… it’s straight like that… yeah
But I can call your girlfriend anytime for a late night snack
Yeah I got a big ego
My swagger so fly I feel like I’m an eagle
Me myself and I baba only three people
Throwing chips in the air like it’s a casino
K-izzo… ntanga you want us to get along never cross me
Uyabhampa uziyenza u-clever o-dom la e-Jozi
Me and your girlfriend get it on by die pozi
Nje ngesangoma you got skeletons in your closet
Nobody just me and my money
Nobody angiyisi spaizani
Don’t need no stress tonight honey… honey
Missing in action… missing in action
Missing in action… missing in action

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