Legacy ft Melina Lyrics

Song Year: 
Hip Hop



Verse 1
I know a place called Paradise/ where they roll like a pair of dice/ it’s never winter never been a day cold they have it nice/you’ve been there since a day old as a child/ it’s in here it’s in the same soul as inside/to get here, don’t have to wait for the after life/ just be sincere your eyes stay closed and analyze/ just listen and pray/ in a vision of faith/ he will carry you and you will start drifting away/ and there are many like us who are thinking the same/ think it’s impossible He works in mysterious ways/ because you asked for it He has paid the sacrifice/ that was your passport so welcome into Paradise/
Verse 2
The address is number 1 Prayer avenue/ for access just a little faith and that’ll do/ if you have stress and all the baggage that you carry too/ just take half a step He’ll do the rest and He’ll carry you/ you will fly above and have an aerial view/ and this is why with love we are superior too/ you’ll be able the space cause He’s clearing the room/ and the table is set with grace when we sharing the food/ just partake and put away all the heartache/ take a step into the light and out of that dark place/ and you don’t have to knock when you get to God’s gate/ just tell em ProVerb sent you trust me they got space/
To get to paradise first you have to fly and that’s why (Choir response)
He goes the extra mile, nothing less for a blessed child (Choir response)
And it’s easy to get there just let prayer be your jet fair (Choir response)
He will meet you halfway you just have to pray and that way (Choir response)

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