Kudala Ngizula (My number one) Lyrics


Song Year: 
Hip Hop
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Ngithi kudala ngizula 
(I have been searching for so long)
Ngifuna onje ngawe
(searching for someone like you)
Mother of my baby
You are my number lady baby
Ngithi kudala ngizula
(I have been searching for so long)
Ngifuna onje ngawe
(searching for someone like you)
Daddy of my baby
You are my number one baby
Verse 1:
My Black Cinderella
Ngikuthanda wekempela
(I truly love you)
A'kuna bari ezongitjela
(No one can tell me otherwise)
Mina ngawe ngiyazifela my girl
(I am totally besotted by you)
You worth more than diamonds
Worth more than the pearl
Listen let me tell
You are my love
My sun
My reason to wake in the morning
The reason I smile all day
You are my one
Repeat Chorus
Verse 2:
Dithe X3 dithezinkuni mna 
(As I was X3 fetching logs)
Nda dibana nalomhloshazanayo
(I met this beauty) 
Dithe X3 dithezinkuni mna 
Nda dibana nalomhloshazanava 
Ubuhle bakhe bunje nge tnjatjambo 
(her looks were as pure as rain)
Bungenza ndibe namandla
(it gives me strength) 
Ndifane no Boro
(just like)
My lyrics become sharp nje nge nkemba lika Zoro
(Like Zoro's sword)
Agekho ngandithinta ngisho no Vangalero
(I am invincible to even)
Repeat Chorus
Verse 3:
Seen a lot of chicks in my life
Had a lot of flings here and there in my life
In my life
Had a lot first dates 
First kisses, first hugs never did it twice
Till you
Koochi koo koo
Baby Boo
I'm so gaga over you 
I'm here to make your dreams come true
What you want Boo
Shopping sprees
Private jets, anything
Mandla come through for you
Repeat Chorus