Head to toe Lyrics

Book Of Proverb
Song Year: 
Hip Hop



I’m a hip-hop head and I’m ahead of my time/ I go head to head to head with
Anybody cause like the news I bring headlines/ some are big headed/ but they
Suck like when I get head/ so I disconnect the mic so they can never go neckxt/
They give me cold shoulder/ don’t have my back like Shoulder blades/ the
Love in their heart must be trapped in the rib cage/I get sick to ma stomach
They’re absolutely wack/ they should be like me write rhymes that are abstract/
Instead they waste lines thinking they hip/ they make an ass out of themselves for
Thinking they on some shit/ don’t have the balls to bring it through, they’re rhyme
Are predictable/ cum and go like a typical little prick would do/ it’s stupid when
Dudes get/ faker than a boot leg/ they like nuns the difference is they on their
Knees to beg/ you tripping like you been ankle tapped/ you don’t have sole you
Defeated understand all that/ you probably don’t cause you so wack/ I’m gon
Leave with toe tag/ written Pro’s back

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