Graveyard of Memories Lyrics

Atari Gala
Song Year: 



Recall a mother's concerned look
Please take care of my son
And should anything happen
I'm a phone call away
And that is when we first got hooked
The proof of fruit that we feast upon
Took our chances with wild romances
Vultures gather on barb wired fences
Graveyard of Memories
I recall those empty shells
Of interventions by party pals
I just regret
I didn't ring the bell earlier
Graveyard of Memories
Legacies unknown
Wind through streets
Sometimes sun shines
For weeks
Graveyard of Memories
Muffled voices in the distance
Far and few too many listen
And old and holy
We hold dear fear
Crude and basic when we're calm
Some kind of pointless charm
For all intents and purposes
There were so many witnesses
For all the good times we were brave
And all bad times we were slaves
But in the end
We claim our own graves

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