Aaaiiiyyy Siya Gida Lyrics


Es'Khaleni 7
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Ladies and gentlemen 
se sikhona esi khaleni 
Thanks you for coming out tonight, 
Thank you for comign out 
You could have been anywhere but 
You chose to rock with me 
I your Dj for the day, or the night 
Depending whatever time it is (heiii), la ukhona 
Now ma u shaya le ngoma 
Basically you have to dance 
Asi shayi i Vuma, asi shayi i twalatsa, asi shayi i manyisa 
Asi shayi ini ini, what we do is siya Gida (heiii) 
And all you have to say 
after every four bars is ’heiiii’ 
Ok, are you ready.... woza hei, woza come on 
One, two (heiii) 
Ahhye uza kalhe, sho letla hantle 
Ahh chesa sho ’heiiii’, thats all you have to say 
All the ladies, wonke amadjida come on woza (heiii) 
Hooowe Gida, woza si ya gida 
Want me to show you how to gida 
He ni ya kwazi uku gida 
Ok sing along are you ready, one two (heiii) 
Gida, gida, gida, gida... everybody one two (heiii) 
By the way my name is Dj Cleo, and this is the song for December. 
Come on one two (heiii) 
Gida, gida, gida, gida... are you ready everybody sing along one two (heiii)